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Icon Audio Stereo 40 2A3

Icon Audio

  • €2,80000

Der IconAudio Stereo 40 2A3 ist ein Trioden-Vollverstärker mit der legendären 2A3 als Endstufenröhre, klingt typisch im besten Sinne und bietet 2x10 Watt RMS


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Specifications and Features

•  Comprehensive manual supplied
•  Full instructions for valve change included
•  All hand wired point to point
•  No printed circuit or tag board to ‘colour’ sound
•  Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot.
•  Class A, all Triode front end
•  Output circuit all pure Triode
•  4x 2A3 precisely matched for best performance
•  1x 6SL7 first stage valve, 2x 6SN7 phase splitter
•  274B valve rectifier for ‘Soft start’ and smooth sound
•  No global feedback used (integrated operation)
•  Standby switch to save valve life and power
•  2x 17 Watts RMS in Triode mode
•  Signal to noise level -90db
•  Freq response better than 20hz-20kHz ±1db
•  Power bandwidth 10hz-30khz -3db
•  Total harmonic distortion 0.10% at 10 watts
•  Suitable for 3 to 16ohm loudspeakers
•  Supplied with attractive safety guard.
•  Audiophile quality metal film resistors
•  Rubicon/Nichichron power caps.
•  Blue LED mains indicator
• Valve rectifier
•  Choke regulated power supply
•  Audiophile quality polypropylene audio caps.
•  Silver PTFE audio cable
•  99.9999% pure copper
•  High grade transformer iron
•  Custom hand wound Tertiary output transformers
•  Ceramic valve holders for minimum noise/leakage
•  Centre tapped heater circuit for minimum hum
•  Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
•  Four line inputs – CD, Tape, Tuner, Aux
•  Tape monitor circuit with ‘Record Out’
•  250mv input sensitivity for full output.
• 230/240volts 76w SB, 140w Min, 240watts max.
•  1.6A AS rear fuse
•  CE, ROHSS and WEEE where applicable.
•  390mmW, 410D, 210H, 25kg (a minimum of 30mm
height should be added to allow for ventilation)

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